Getting Started with Foreman: Part 2

What we’re going to do in this Part Continuing on from last part, we’re going to provision Windows (7/10/Server). There are two ways to do this, Wimaging by kireevco or a WDS Server. I am going to show you the WDS way since it integrates with MDT. Also Wimaging hasn’t been updated in a while.

Table of Contents Part 1: Getting Started Installing the OS Installing Foreman Settings Foreman up Creating our first VM Part 2: Deploying Windows 7/10/Server Installing and Configuring the WDS Server Installation and Basics of MDT 2013u2 Integrating it with Foreman (the Windows side) Integrating it with Foreman (the Foreman side) Deploying our first Windows VM Part 3: Deploying ESXi Preparation of the Source Creating templates Integrating it with vCenter Deploying our first ESXi Box Part 4: Getting Started with Puppet Part 5: Advanced Puppet Prerequisites ** Since this is a continuation of the previous part, the hostnames are going to be the same as last time.

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Getting Started with Foreman: Part 1

What is Foreman From their website: Foreman is a complete lifecycle management tool for physical and virtual servers. We give system administrators the power to easily automate repetitive tasks, quickly deploy applications, and proactively manage servers, on-premise or in the cloud.

This is a multi-part series about provisioning and automating things with Foreman. It’s going cover deploying Debian, Windows (7/10/Server) and ESXi as well as automating things like Package installs.

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vCenter Authentication Error

Over the weekend I’ve been renmaing my Domain Controllers to fit in with the other Servers (dc1 -> dc01). The Next day, I couldn’t log into vCenter anymore with my Domain Account, neither with Windows Session Credentials nor Direct Input. I got this very cryptic error “N3Sso5Fault13InternalFault9ExceptionE”: Took me a bit tinkering, but then I rembemered I renamed my DC’s and hadn’t updated them in vCenter. So I logged in with the vCenter SSO Administrator Account, readded the Authentication Source and all was well, even the Windows Session credentials worked again!
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Setup Walkthrough

=== Home Setup Walkthrough A few people on /r/homelab asked for this and I’ve been wanting to do it for some time anyways, so here it goes Let’s jump right in! The Screens are 3x Dell G210 24", one Hyundai 17" Screen and a Medion 23" Screen. Code Keyboard with Tai-Hao PBT Doubleshot Keys Logitech G500. Great Mouse. Blue Snowball. The Red LED is disconnected since it’s pretty annoying. Next to that, a FiiO E10 Olympus for Output The ‘Rack’ Let’s start from the Top.
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