Running Home-Assistant with Supervisor on Ubuntu

Recently, Home-Assistant have changed their stance, and only “support” installations on HassOS and Debian 10 (at the time of writing this). Normally, this wouldn’t really matter to me, as I don’t really care about having a “supported” system or not. However, they also decided, that unsupported installations can’t get OTA Updates through Supervisor, such as upgrading to the recently recently released version 2020.12. Now, being curious as I am, decided to snoop a bit in the supervisor Source to find how this check works.
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Automating Ubuntu Server 20.04 with Packer

Ubuntu Server 20.04 has been out for a few days, which I think is a perfect time to build start my migration from Debian to Ubuntu. Now, with Debian, I had a nice Packer setup, that automatically builds base-images. These images have some default packages installed, some miscellaneous settings and a default user. These images are used by an Ansible Workflow that creates new VMs on the fly, and deploys whatever tools I need into the VM.
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Upgrading to ESXi 6.5 on HP gear

It’s been a day since vSphere 6,5 came out, and sysadmins all over the world have been updating their test systems. This works really well if you update to vCenter 6.5 first, since it has the Update Manager integrated. Upgrading to ESXi 6.5 worked fine on my Dell R710, which was running ESXi 6.0u2 (Dell customized) before. My DL380 G6’s however just threw the error Software or system configuration of host <hostname> is incompatible.
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IPv6 and

IPv6 and The experimenting Shoutout to /u/dantho and /u/CBRJack for helping me with this I’ve recently started to mess around with IPv6, mostly for the reasons of being future-proof (somewhat), a lot of free addresses and also cause it seemed interesting. Now at home I already have IPv6, at least in theory. My home connection is a UnityMedia Cable Connection. This is running DS-Lite, so the whole aparetmeent complex has an external IPv4, and every flat has their own IPv6 space.
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#It’s colo time baby! ######the structure of this post was totally not stolen from MonsterMuffin (<3 bb)After a recent power bill reminded me that Servers were not free to run, but rather pulled some rather big power costs behind them, I decided to downsize. My initial Plan involved selling 3 of my 1366-era servers and keeping the R410 as sole VM host. This brought it’s own headaches, like having to deal with moronic eBay buyers and manually having to fiddle with the partition table since it was a partition in a partition (don’t ask)…
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